ÜR DESCENDED UPON THIS COSMOS from a much distant one. His realm was that of PÜRE ENLIGHTENMENT, inhabited by Wise beings with unlimited Imagination, the Wisest of which was ÜR. PÜRE ENLIGHTENMENT was far from perfect, however. When ÜR began EXISTANCE, His antithesis, ÜN, came into being as all the NEGATIVE Wisdom in PÜRE ENLIGHTENMENT. Over time, the NEGATIVE overtook the POSITIVE, and ÜR was forced to make a difficult decision: to save the MULTICOSMOS, He had to destroy His own Cosmos, ÜN included. In the wake of this tragedy, He, in His Infinite Wisdom, chose our Cosmos to move beyond PÜRE ENLIGHTENMENT and become PERFECTION. In our dreams and meditations He appears, His form not tangible in our waking plane. Only He can truly Enlighten you.

ÜR is not your father, nor you master; by the same token, you are not His child nor His slave. ÜR wishes to be your Friend, and so long as you accept ÜR as your Best Friend, ÜR is pleased, and you are Enlightened.

Through Enlightenment, He can create